“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

-Margaret Mead

Engage Falmouth includes everyone who has attended an event, signed a petition, added to thoughtful discussion on our Facebook page, or taken an idea to town meeting. But we have a core leadership team that takes on various initiatives as we find the time and passion.

Learn more about Engage Falmouth activities on our Press and Video pages, and join our Facebook group if you do that kind of thing!

Current leadership

The Engage Falmouth team at our first Volunteer Fair in January 2017

Jarita Davis

A writer, community mobilizer, and yarn enthusiast, Jarita has a long history of active involvement in promoting adult literacy, teaching English as a second language, and leading poetry education programs for all ages. She has also served as a trustee on the boards of arts councils and libraries in her community.

Gwyneth Packard

A software engineer, activist, singer, and soap maker. As a biracial women growing up with a brother with brain damage, she was raised as an advocate for civil rights, racial justice, and the rights of the disabled. She moved to Woods Hole in 1991 for a 12-week internship at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution… and stayed. While her work has taken her around the world, Gwyneth has made the Upper Cape her home. She is devoted to fostering community and fellowship for everyone, with an emphasis on inclusion of marginalized people.

Elise Hugus

A documentary producer and writer focusing on the intersection of science, art, and politics, Elise is proud to contribute a perspective gained from far-flung corners of the world to her hometown of Falmouth. She organized a local chapter of the documentary film series Cinema Politica and is co-founder of UnderCurrent Productions, a video production company specializing in science and nature topics.

Lindsay Scott

A native New Englander who grew up in a car-centric town near Boston, Lindsay connected with Cape Cod as a nature-scape at a young age. At her job at the Woods Hole Research Center, Lindsay focuses on nutrient cycling and water quality in local waters as well as in more remote locations. Though her background is in science, her heart is most full when people are learning about the world and those around them and working toward better understandings together.

Pamela McCarthy

A washed-ashore who lives in Mashpee, Pamela is involved with her town and believes in working on many fronts for positive change. She has worked in nonprofits and fundraising for almost 20 years. When she’s not working in her office, her community, or with Engage Falmouth, she’s gardening, canning, reading, or trying to master a craft.

Misty Niemeyer

Misty has been rescuing animals since she was about 5 years old, so it’s not a big surprise that she grew up to be a biologist and conservationist, rescuing marine mammals for an animal welfare organization.

Partly due to her avid love of animals and nature, issues pertaining to climate change and the environment are near and dear to Misty’s heart. A close second are women’s rights, equal rights and opportunities for all, as well as party planning, and anything that allows her to try new things and live life to its fullest!

Lindsay Buck

Starting with a charity volleyball tournament she organized in 8th grade, Lindsay has always had a knack for putting on community events. More recently, she participated in the Friend2Friend program in Boston, where she regularly mentored a special needs adult. As a relative newcomer to Falmouth, Lindsay is focused on making her new home a better place, and isn’t ruling out a run for office.

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